Ring Kang

Rina Kang

I’m a photographer. I’m a true fan of Pineapple.
I love what I do.
I value relationships and memories.

I love capturing life’s little moments that creates beautiful works of art. I studied Photography at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

I worked at some of the most famous photography studios in New York.

My life in New York gave me a strong foundation in creating my own unique visual works.

Now I’m back in Seattle where I grew up and all of my memories are.

Feel free to contact me at if you’d like to share some memories with Pineapple Americano.

Jin Kim

Jason Kim

Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Let me drink my coffee first.
I’ve been drinking coffee since the age of 12. (Please don’t tell my mom.)
I’m not addicted to coffee, we’re just in a committed relationship.
Coffee is the gasoline of my life.
Please feel free to ask me where the best cafes in the Seattle area are.

Ok, now I can tell you more about me.

I am passionate about imagery…life and light…and work as an observer,
unobtrusively capturing the beauty and essence of you and your unique day.

Favorite lenses:
Canon 24mm 1.4 L (One of best storytelling lenses)
Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS L II (Speechless…)

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